And if I need a rhythm -

It’s gonna be to my heart I listen.

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I'm just a simple, shy, technically happy person with a very short temper.
Nothing too special.
Pretty easy going, I don't get offended by much, but do get easily hurt and will linger on things I should probably just ignore. I will admit to being paranoid at times and I don't trust easily; but, those that I do trust I love very much.

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---> Other: the vain )( the small-minded )( the close-minded )( the arrogant )( belittling )( assumptions )( peas )( melted cheese )( the word "emo" )( the word "poser" )( the cold )( goucho pants )( sequin purses )( when people don't refil an empty roll of toilet paper )( druggies )( MCR )( Fall Out Boy )( Good Charlotte )( Country music )( Rap )( the crust that forms on the uncleaned caps of toothpaste tubes )( elevators )( MySpace )( people )( waking up early )( Kisaki )( Shou [Alice Nine] )( ban )( wind )( needles )( others

He said ~[it's the stone cold world]~

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"If you look at your faults from a different angle, they're reborn as part of your personality"
- シド - Yell -

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(made by myuuzaki)

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made by belial_miyavi

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Megacon Feb'06
Animenext June'06
CBGB June'06
RTOC Detroit, MI (COBO) Mar 8 '08
RTOC Chicago, IL (Aragon) Mar 11 '08

<3 <3 <3
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The Middle East May'07

RTOC Detroit, MI (COBO) Mar 8 '08
RTOC Chicago, IL (Aragon) Mar 11 '08

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by Asra

FVT Sep 9 '06
St.Andrews Feb 12 '07

If I am silent then I am not real
If I speak up then no one will hear
If I wear a mask there´s somewhere to hide

Silence is golden
I have been broken
Safe in my own skin
So nobody wins

If I raise my voice
Will someone get hurt?
And if I can´t feel then I won´t get touched
If no truths are spoken then no lies can hide

Silence is Golden

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Oh doctor
We´re dying
There´s no use in crying
So live for tomorrow
And do what you have to

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A violet sky

Even though it stops and holds my breath, night comes before I've seen it perfectly

my pet!

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<(-- )< ^(--)^ >( --)> m(_ _)m m(--)m m(_ _)m <(-- )< ^(--)^ >( --)>

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25 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETE
50 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETE
75 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETED

Oh and just so you know, you're getting kicked off the island. Dasvidanya.

All banners, bars, pictures, etc. craptastically Photoshopped by me unless otherwise labeled (underneath) of creator; I hold no right to the photos themselves, but please do not take anything that I have made without asking or crediting - though, you probably wouldn't want them. Just saying^-^

Layout... the basic plot of it was NOT made by me ( I won it in a contest XD)... but I was a bad girl and edited it to contain SID +D'espairs Ray+ ... I'm sorry, so I must say that not all credit of my layout is mine (because I suck at codes, ha!). Thank you!

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